TEA Summit

It was fantastic to meet some HBDers at the TEA Summit. I know how ridiculously busy everyone is, and I appreciate you taking the time to meet up or even just say hi.

For those of you who heard about Harriet B's Daughters at TEA, welcome! We're still pouring content into the site, and you'll find a few corners of it that are suspiciously low on info, but we're going as fast as we can. We're also in the process of our first round of mentorship matches, so if you're interest, please do go to the 'get involved' tab and fill out the form. We'll send you a link to our Slack group and to the mentorship/menteeship survey.

Looking ahead, we're setting a time to meet up at AAM- with a concrete location (meeting up at lunch today was so not happening thanks to the unexpected set up!). Similarly, we're looking ahead to both SATE and IAAPA to set up gatherings there.

I did hear again and again 'what can I do to help'. First, if you asked that, thank you, you're awesome. Second, here are some things we're looking for assistance with:

  • As more people sign up, we're hitting good #s of folks in LA and Orlando, and the numbers are getting up there in a couple of other metros. If you're willing to take point on organizing the occasional get together in your metro, drop us a line at info@harrietbdaughters.org with Event organization in the subject line.
  • We're on the prowl for resources to add to our digital bookshelf. Read or see something helpful or thought provoking? Send it our way.
  • We'll be making a conference calendar with attendee lists. If there's a conference you know you'll be attending, shoot us an email at info@harrietbdaughters.org with Conference attendance in the subject line. And, if you know you're speaking- let us know the details!
  • And, we super duper need to populate our speakers bureau. Bio and headshot. Bio's lousy? We'll help you wordsmith it. Willing to help wordsmith bios? Let us know. And, reminder, you don't have to be a well known speaker to be listed in the bureau. Everyone started somewhere.

Have a great weekend everyone- and for those of you still in Anaheim or heading to the Gala tomorrow, have a Kungaloosh for me. Or two.