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TEA Summit and Gala

We'll be at the TEA Summit and Gala.

We're thrilled to present Blinders Off: #MeToo #TimesUp and #WhatsNext on Day 1 of Summit, at 10:30. The segment will feature a moderated discussion with Valorie Kondos Field, IAAPA Big E award winner for her work with Sea World San Diego, and head coach of the 6 time national champion UCLA Bruins Women's Gymnastics team. She's been a leading voice of accountability, change, and allyship in women's sports. This will be followed by a dynamic panel discussion, where a fantastic group of leaders and up-and-comers in our industry will discuss issues of gender equity and how to 'do better' in our workplaces.

Day 2, we're gathering at Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Resort Hotel at 7:30 before the sessions begin (please note- there is a continental breakfast offered as part of Day 2; some of us just embrace our clumsiness and want to sit down and have coffee). Any and all are welcome to join.

Come find us and say hi!

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IAAPA Attractions Expo

  • Orlando Convention Center (map)
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A small conference in the tiny hamlet of Orlando....

With over 7.5 miles of aisleway in the Expo hall, dozens of educational sessions, behind-the-scenes offsites at a wide variety of institution types, and this year's IAAPA Celebrates Thursday night party at Pandora at Animal Kingdom, IAAPA is.... well choose your adjective. Exhaustive? Exhausting? Comprehensive? Exciting? However you view IAAPA, it's one of the most important conferences in themed entertainment each year.

Sessions HBDers are speaking in:

Monday November 13, 5-6:15 pm. 2017 In Review: Emerging Trends in Immersive Design. Room S230FGH

Tuesday November 14, 7:30 am-? Harriet B's Daughters breakfast. Location TBD, stay tuned! (Please note, while in future we're hoping to secure enough sponsorship to make this a free event, that's not the case this year)

Wednesday November 15, 2-3:15 pm. HR Creates: Techniques to Address Gender Issues in the Workplace. Room 230DE (Please note, if you are interested in helping to facilitate this discussion, please contact us)

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