Welcome to our video resource library. Here, you'll find links to media on a variety of issues related to gender in the workplace, including industry presentations, TED talks, and the occasional fantastic clip from Samantha Bee. Because sometimes you need a good rage laugh.


Equal means equal

A comprehensive, unflinching look at the state of women's rights in America, made even more timely (it came out in 2016). Equal Means Equal far transcends workplace issues and plumbs the interconnected issues at play: crime, incarceration, workplace inequality, legal protections (or lack thereof), health care, reproductive rights, and more. This award-winning documentary is available in full on iTunes, or you can host a house party or an office screening. Get a group together. It's powerful, provocative, infuriating, and invigorating. 


Dr. Kathryn Woodcock, SATE 2016 Talk

Dr. Woodcock is a an Associate Professor at Ryerson University in Human Factors Engineering. Her SATE 2016 talk, "The Necessary Risk", forces us to consider real, actual people in our designs- and shines a light on disability and access issues so many of us never even consider. While the talk isn't about gender disparity in the workplace, it is a fantastic example of the importance of diversity and inclusion in our creative processes and works. 

Michael Kimmel, ted talk

Michael Kimmel is a sociologist and the author of Angry White Men. In the vein of 'make arguments that appeal to someone's core logic and interests', "Why gender equality is good for everyone — men included" is helpful for making the case to potential male allies in particular.

Susan Colantuono, Ted talk

Susan Colantuono is a leadership expert and the founder of Leading Women, a management consulting firm. Her TED Talk, "The career advice you probably didn't get" opens the door to thinking about a key aspect of advice, guidance, and career development many women never get: sharpening financial and strategic skills and knowledge. Her talk references, but does not heavily explore, the gender bias inherent in this gap- but knowing the gap and taking steps to address it is key. Great for mentors to watch before working with a mentee.

Sarah elizabeth lewis, sxswedu keynote

Author, curator, and professor Sarah Elizabeth Lewis engages deeply with issues of creativity, failure, race, and justice. Her SXSW talk is a must-see, and her books and journal articles are also well-worth the time (and brain power. Get a cup of coffee. You're gonna need it.)