Changing the face of themed entertainment, one person at a time.


Who We Are

We are current and emerging professionals in the themed entertainment industry, including museums, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, theatre, movie studios, interactive firms, digital media, design studios, and more. We feel strongly that we have twin duties: to mentor and foster relationships with and between current and new-to-our-business women, allies, and accomplices; and to advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in all forms in our creative work.


“By creating powerful networks of relationships, we can craft guest experiences that promote the change we want to see in the world.”

— Cynthia Sharpe & Nicola Rossini, FOUNDERs


Who's Harriet B?

Harriet Burns, Blaine Gibson, and some hitchhiking ghosts, 2008.

Harriet Burns, Blaine Gibson, and some hitchhiking ghosts, 2008.

We're named for Harriet Burns, the first woman hired by Walt Disney Imagineering in a creative capacity. Whether we work for museums or theme parks, wield power tools or pens, as members of this industry we all owe her a debt of gratitude. Through mentoring each other and the next generation of themed entertainment professionals, and by creating projects which are mindfully diverse and inclusive, we can effect positive change both within our industry and upon the people who experience our museums, parks, shows, events, movies, and more. We can pick up where Harriet left off.

Harriet Burns blazed a trail for us to follow, and now we're forging new paths for ourselves and those yet to come. Think of us as a feminist, intersectional Dumbledore's Army of themed entertainment.


Our Mission

We will mentor the next generation of themed entertainment leadership to embrace and engage in the work of equity, access, and justice, and mindfully expand representation, inclusion, and diversity within guest experiences and creative works.


$740B USD

Contributed to the US economy by arts and culture production

1.3 million

Jobs in the attractions industry

970 million

People attend theme parks and attractions annually worldwide



We connect with thousands of colleagues in the industry. Now more than ever we have both an opportunity and responsibility to engage in the sometimes challenging work of improving diversity in our field. And, we are uniquely positioned to change the culture at large: our work is seen and loved by millions of people. 

We're going to use our power for good.




Get Involved

Are you interested in being a mentor or receiving mentorship? We are developing a mentorship network and the resources to help you effect positive change in your workplace.